Working with our clients, we organize the media sources from all desired countries and languages and bring them together in a consolidated news stream.
This can be used to generate first-class curated press reviews, manual topic-related and ad-hoc reports, alerts as well as media and reputation analyses.
Why MediaTicker is unique:
  • Data-neutral thanks to individual media sample that spans across providers
  • 100 editors, more than 20 languages
  • 24/7 editorial power
  • Real-time news stream with professional filtering options
  • Selection and indexing of contributions, allocation to topics, classification by relevance and tonality, summaries of articles, translations
  • News cockpit for controlling and publishing your products, e.g. press reviews and issues reports
  • Newsroom: a customizable platform for recipients to read the media contributions
  • Ad hoc reports on individual topics covered by the media
  • Valuable insights through statistical evaluation as well as tonality, reputation, and brand analyses
Media monitoring in a nutshell:
We summarize the opinion on companies, people, events, topics, or industry for you in a daily press review. On request, we provide summaries of relevant foreign-language articles or – in the case of particularly relevant contributions – integrated translations lest your media monitoring fail due to a lack of language skills. The press reviews are either automatically sent to individual target groups by us or are available for reading in the newsroom.
Individual media samples:
Are you already using media databases like Factiva, Meltwater or Talkwalker and would like to add other sources (e.g. trade publications in print or online, social media, or blogs) and also upload your own documents? Adwired brings all relevant data sources together and makes them available to you in the central news cockpit. This lays the foundation for efficient management and the quick creation of press reviews and reports.
As much service as you want:
Our services include the compilation of press reviews, alert service, preparation of media reports, media and reputation analyses as well as quantitative evaluations. Moreover, we assign articles to defined topics, classify them according to relevance and tonality, summarize foreign-language articles, provide translation and all other services that you may need. In any case, you determine which assignments we take on for you.
Web-based, customizable news tools:
The MediaTicker news cockpit serves as the platform for controlling and publishing your press reviews or issues reports. New contributions arrive in the news stream around the clock. These can be used to generate press reviews or specific reports. Contributions can be read, edited, added, or deleted. In the archive, articles can be searched and processed with intelligent filter functions.
The MediaTicker news room is a personalized platform for recipients. Each recipient can compile a personal report with contributions published in the news room (e.g., media reviews and reports).
Ad-hoc reports within hours:
There will always be situations in which you will immediately need issues-related reports. Our ad-hoc service is prepared for such emergencies. One hundred editors covering more than 20 languages are available 24/7 to quickly produce high-quality reports, including updates. Regardless of whether you are using Adwired’s monitoring services at the time.
Download Fact sheets for specialized monitoring applications:
Contact us:
  • for a 30-minute online demonstration of our services
  • to test our MediaTicker news cockpit
  • to discuss your individual requirements
Myriam Baechler
Managing Partner (Media Monitoring and Key-Accounts)
MediaTicker unfolds its full potential particularly when applied in conjunction with BrandTicker. While MediaTicker mainly shows what the public is talking about in connection with your brands, products, representatives, and issues, BrandTicker provides statistical insight into the different dimensions of perception. Click here for more information on BrandTicker.