BrandTicker processes large volumes of data from print, online, and social media, and allows you to monitor all relevant aspects of your brand. BrandTicker provides detailed and comprehensive insights into the positioning of your brand in public, in industry, and with respect to relevant issues. These up-to-the-minute, operationally valuable, and highly individual findings are delivered as reports at the touch of a button or are available on your customized dahsboard.
What makes BrandTicker unique:
  • Data neutrality and integration of data sources that cannot integrate social listening tools (print media, internal databases, financial data)
  • Detailed analysis of your brand attributes in over 20 languages and based on more than one million keywords
  • Continuous measurements of all brand aspects and daily updated results from all available media sources
  • Individual segmentation of the results, e.g., by country, media channel, or business unit
  • Access to news stream with full texts possible
  • Multi-faceted and statistically accurate analyses of brand perception and configurable perception dimensions for core values, reputational risks, or image analyses
  • Comprehensible information aimed at a broad user base through tailor-made and pre-defined statistics
  • Generation of financially relevant results, such as financial brand value or ROI
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Nik Stucky
Managing Partner
(Analytics, Communications and Key Accounts)

BrandTicker unfolds its full potential particularly when applied in conjunction with MediaTicker. While BrandTicker provides statistical insight into the different dimensions of perception, MediaTicker explores the context of the statements made. Click here for more information on MediaTicker.

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