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Cookie statement
Achtung: Das "Cookie statement" von Adwired ist nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar. Für Rückfragen zum "Cookie statement" kontaktieren Sie uns am besten via: dataprotection [at] adwired [dot] ch .
Important information about consent
By using our website, mobile applications, solutions, or any other services we offer through the website or E-Mail or other digital communication channels, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this “Cookies Policy”.
What is this Cookies Policy?
This Cookies Policy sets out how Adwired, and third parties authorized by us, use cookies when you interact with our Services, Solutions and Applications. This Cookies Policy is part of Adwired’s Privacy Policy. Please read policies together.
What are Cookies?
Cookies are unique identifiers, usually made up of small bits of text or programming code. Cookies send certain information back to the party who served the cookie. And xookies are usually stored on users device or in users web browser.
When Adwired says cookies they are actually referring to a broader range of technologies than just cookies, including web beacons, hidden images, pixels and other similar technologies. When Adwired says first-party cookies they mean cookies that are served by Adwired. When Adwired says third party cookies they mean cookies that are served by non-Adwired parties.
How are Cookies used?
Cookies are used in order to get a better understanding on how applications and websites work and to optimize online and mobile experiences for Adwired’s users/clients. Cookies do this by allowing the party serving the cookie to analyse a website’s or mobile app’s performance, to identify certain users and remember their preferences, to better understand whether a computer or device (and probably its user) has visited a website previously and to serve customised advertisements.
What kinds of cookies are used on the Site?
Adwired’s website primarily uses the following types of cookies:
  • Operationally Necessary Cookies
    These cookies are essential for the operation of Adwired’s website. They make it possible for users to browse and use Adwired’s website. If users disable these cookies, the website will not function correctly.
  • Performance Cookies
    These cookies gather information about how visitors use and interact with our services. For example, performance cookies tell Adwired which pages are popular, monitor traffic to their website and compile anonymous analytic information, e.g. which browser has been used or how long a user stayed on a specific site. Performance cookies can also be used to identify and remedy operational problems with the website.
  • Functionality Cookies
    These cookies are used to recognize and remember visitors preferences. For example, functionality cookies may use information, such as the users location, to make sure that the user arrive at a version of Adwired’s site that is specific to visitors city or region.
  • Advertising Cookies
    These cookies are used to show relevant advertising or information about Adwired’s services on third party websites (i.e. websites that Adwired does not own or operate). When user visit Adwired’s website, Adwired will serve a cookie on visitors device. This cookie will have information about how the user interacted with Adwired’s website, such as what pages on the site a visitor looked at. Then, if a user visit a website within an ad network that Adwird works with, the ad network will read the cookie from users device and show them relevant advertising.
How can user/visitors avoid cookies?
Visitors of Adwired’s website may be able to avoid certain cookies by configuring their browser settings accordingly or opting-out directly with the party that operates and controls the cookie. Check your browser settings for more information.
In addition, users can opt-out of third-party personalised advertising cookies. Online advertisements will still be served online though. To learn more or to opt-out of the use of such third-party personalised advertising cookies in the EU, please visit:
If you are based in the United States, please visit:
Are there Cookies in E-mails?
Adwired’s E-mails contain cookies that track whether you open our E-mails and whether the user clicks links within them. Cookies used in Adwired’s E-mails to monitor these behaviours are unique to each E-mail. They are not stored on users computer or mobile device.
Please contact Adwired at
dataprotection [at] adwired [dot] ch
if you have questions after reading this Cookies Policy.
Last updated June 14, 2018
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