Together with our partners, we create added value for our clients.
We work in partnership with communications agencies, brand consultants, news providers, and news portals. Together we expand our competences, create added value for our clients, and share the resulting success. Every situation is unique – the form of cooperation with our partners varies accordingly.
We develop ‘white label’ solutions for our partners, or unique content, which we directly integrate into corporate intranets, news portals, or third-party applications.We also provide a specially developed partner app, offering a unique advantage for our partners’ communications and new business.
Distribution partners

We provide agency partners with a specially developed partner application and thus offer a unique advantage in their consulting and new business activities.

Spirit for Brands
Spirit for Brands Markenberatung GmbH is a consulting firm specializing in strategic brand development and brand management. Spirit for Brands focuses on individually tailored consulting services for value-oriented brand management.
VIM Group
VIM Group ensures brands are consistently implemented around the world. As the founders of this specialized field, we bring unrivalled experience and knowledge. Implementation of your brand properties across all touch points, both digital and on the ground is our business. We offer project management, brand management services and advice on creative partnerships, allowing you to successfully deliver your brand promise.
News provider

We develop white-label solutions for our partners in the field of news providers or supplement their offers specifically with our enrichment services.

Dow Jones
Dow Jones Factiva is the leading provider for quality sources. It’s global news database consists of nearly 33,000 premium sources, including licensed publications (print), influential websites, blogs, images and videos.
Ubermetrics is the leading Content Intelligence platform for communication experts. Its AI-driven media monitoring and analytics technology processes over 50,000 articles per minute from over 460 million global sources across all media types (print, online, social, TV & Radio).

For special interest news portals, we develop unique content that we integrate directly into the news portals. We also create specific analysis for columns and articles.

Horizont is Germany's leading specialist newspaper for marketing, advertising and media.
The independent news and information portal for those for whom flying is more than fast transport across continents.
The Business of Brand Management is the platform for analysis and contribution to the organizational aspects of the brand, its communication and its innovation.
Statista.com is the first statistics portal in the world to integrate over 80,000 diverse topics of data and facts from over 22,500 sources onto a single professional platform. With high quality content prepared according to scientific standards, Statista provides business customers, researchers, private users, and the academic community with direct access to reliable, relevant quantitative facts and statistics.
Agencies & research partners

We offer consultant- and research-partners access to data on more than 1 000 brands. The insights are used for consulting services and new business activities on their part. We activate additional brands on demand.

Accent Brand Consultants
GIM research
Konzept & Markt
research tools
TATIN Communications Management
zihlmannpartner - Corporate Reputation Management & Reputation Consulting
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