Our clients are decision makers in international companies and organizations who want to gain insight into the news and the opinion markets.

A selection of Adwired's client projects:

Our applications address the demands of corporate communication, marketing and brand management. The individualization and adaptation to the specific circumstances of the company are the basis of our long-term customer relationships.

Adwired has been producing daily press reviews, semi-annual analysis reports, and special reports for The Adecco Group since 2007. All deliverables and the newsroom are presented in the group’s new corporate design. A set editorial team crafts each product based on articles from print, online, and social media in over ten languages. Adwired continuously adapts its services to Adecco’s needs.
In 2015, Adwired was asked to conduct the brand monitoring for AkzoNobel and key portfolio brands. Internal reporting of the key performance indicators (KPIs), core values, and reputational indicators are supported and simplified via an automated reporting system.
Adwired has been preparing a one-two press review of print and online media for FIFA since the beginning of 2016. The press review provides an overview of the media coverage on FIFA and on soccer in general in FIFA’s four official languages. Adwired prepares special reports on special events.
In 2015, we set up a focused monitoring of the ‘Rijksmuseum’ brand, its sponsors as well as the world’s main competing museums. This allows for the continuous monitoring of media presence and public perception of the brand in general, as well as its positioning.
Schneider Electric
We have been operating a comprehensive brand and PR monitoring solution for Schneider Electric’s brand portfolio since 2015. It is used to measure communications topics, core values, and the brand presence of the individual business units in over 50 countries on a daily basis. A clipping function makes it possible to track statistical results all the way to an individual media article.
Since 2019, Adwired has been operating a brand monitoring solution for Sartorius. This comprehensive solution enables Sartorius to monitor the development of its key performance indicators and critical success factors and to compare them with its main competitors, as well as to review the full text of media contributions.
Adwired editors have been generating a daily press review for Syngenta France since early 2016. Some 15 articles are selected from all relevant print and online articles for the daily press review. The ‘Admin Tool’ provides Syngenta with access to media analyses and the possibility to produce analysis and clippings reports about special events.
EDA/Präsenz Schweiz
Adwired has been monitoring media coverage for Presence Switzerland in multiple countries seven days a week since 2014. A large number of topics and their tonality are coded twice a day to provide Presence Switzerland with a overview of the perception of Switzerland abroad.
We have been conducting the brand monitoring of DEKRA since 2017. Corporate and brand-related topics, core values and reputation indicators are determined on a daily basis in the relevant languages and countries and presented in a dedicated online dashboard. In doing so, DEKRA is facing the challenges of globalization, diversification, and digitalization head-on.
DER Touristik
Adwired developed the DER Touristik brand radar, which generates up-to-the-minute insights and allows for better decisions in communications and brand management. DER Touristik brands as well as a variety of Touristik-related brands are monitored; the results are made available online and in automatically generated reports.
Siemens Healthineers
Adwired has been developing and conducting brand monitoring for Siemens Healthineers since 2017, aiming to meet the diverse information needs of corporate communications and of marketing communications on the basis of uniform media data.