The rules of the communications game have changed – singular communications campaigns have yielded to decentralized and continuous dialogue. Short-term tactical measures are gaining in importance while central brand values and themes are establishing themselves as stable strategic benchmarks. At the same time, the comprehensive evaluation of public opinion in print media, in online channels, and in social media allows us to immediately tap reactions and to establish links between topic, brand development, and industry positioning.
We combine our editorial services with new technologies and artificial intelligence
These changes are the guidelines for our product development. We understand the needs of communications and brand professionals for whom we set up information systems that provide continuously available and accurate insights, which can be operationalized. Our applications are geared for decision makers in companies’ and organizations’ corporate communications, marketing, and brand management and are based on three principles:
Customized: Individual challenges can only be mastered with individual solutions. We offer solutions that are entirely tailored to the needs of our clients.
Comprehensible: our solutions take into consideration the diverse group of internal users. We generate focused and comprehensive information that can unfold its changing impact in a broad internal community.
Operational: The value of an information depends on its operationalization. Our systems are adapted to the organization so that they are suitable for controlling communication across all relevant business units.