Those who want to gain relevant insights from the media noise need more than artificial intelligence. We develop tailor-made monitoring solutions based on the expertise of our media and brand specialists, our intelligent technologies, and our editorial services.
Our Services
We support your work in communications and in brand management. Our media monitoring and brand analysis portals enable you to generate up-to-the-minute and operationally useful results from print, online, and social media.
Media opinion in a nutshell
The MediaTicker is an efficient news management portal; its editorial service is geared to the quality requirements of internationally active companies. The media contributions are automatically pre-filtered, reliably selected, independently evaluated, and manually controlled – around the clock.
Measuring what counts for brands
The BrandTicker is a preconfigured analytics portal that gives management the ability to monitor brands with unprecedented levels of detail and to operationally apply the resulting insights specifically for the company.
What makes us unique
By combining human and artificial intelligence, we create unique, relevant, and comprehensible results that can be efficiently adapted to customer needs through our portals of modular design.
We provide added customer value by:
Clippings processed: 300,828,085
 +++ Chinesen kaufen Markennamen Thomas Cook 
 +++ Fca-Peugeot è fatta: via libera all'accordo Matrimonio da 45 miliardi di dollari 
 +++ The ups and downs of Downing Street 
 +++ Der niedrige Gaspreis macht den Ölkonzernen zu schaffen 
 +++ Trump refuses to rule out government shutdown over impeachment inquiry 
 +++ Bentley verliert 21 Jahre dauernden Rechtsstreit um Markennamen 
 +++ Juul wird zum Milliardengrab für Marlboro 
 +++ Gender-Fonds setzten auf Frauen in Führungspositionen 
 +++ Facebook will allow UK election candidates to run false ads 
 +++ Le PDG de McDonald’s licencié pour une «relation consensuelle» avec un employé 
 +++ Hedgefonds steigt gross bei Osram ein 
 +++ Umweltverband befürchtet Verlust von 360.000 Jobs in der Autoindustrie 
 +++ WTO erlaubt China Milliardenstrafzölle gegen die USA 
Monitored Brands: 1,056
 +++ BP 
 +++ SAP 
 +++ Spotify 
 +++ Opel 
 +++ Ernst & Young 
 +++ DHL 
 +++ ABB 
 +++ Barclays 
 +++ Uber 
 +++ Apple 
 +++ Rolex 
 +++ Zalando 
 +++ Lufthansa 
 +++ McDonald's 
 +++ Novartis 
 +++ Coca-Cola 
 +++ L'Oréal 
 +++ thyssenkrupp 
 +++ BASF 
 +++ Honda 
 +++ Accenture 
 +++ IBM 
 +++ Chevrolet 
 +++ Zeiss 
 +++ Roche 
 +++ Prada 
 +++ Google 
 +++ Louis Vuitton 
 +++ Lockheed Martin 
 +++ Bayer 
 +++ KPMG 
 +++ Omega 
 +++ 3M 
 +++ Huawei 
 +++ Swarovski 
 +++ Disney 
 +++ Johnson & Johnson 
 +++ Airbus 
 +++ Microsoft 
 +++ Boeing 
 +++ FedEx 
 +++ SWISS 
 +++ Deutsche Bank 
 +++ BMW 
 +++ ebay 
 +++ Sixt 
 +++ H&M 
 +++ Hertz 
 +++ Audi 
 +++ Adidas 
 +++ WEF 
 +++ UBS 
 +++ Shell 
 +++ Philips 
 +++ Unilever 
 +++ Volkswagen VW 
 +++ Gucci 
 +++ Red Bull 
 +++ Postbank 
 +++ PWC 
 +++ IKEA 
 +++ GE 
 +++ Zurich 
Sources scanned: 500,754
 +++ Washington Post 
 +++ Corriere della Sera 
 +++ The Times/London Times 
 +++ The Sun 
 +++ Die Süddeutsche 
 +++ USA Today 
 +++ Tages-Anzeiger 
 +++ Twitter 
 +++ Spiegel 
 +++ La Stampa 
 +++ Stern 
 +++ Le Monde 
 +++ Le Parisien 
 +++ New York Times 
 +++ La Repubblica 
 +++ Handelsblatt 
 +++ Daily Mirror 
 +++ CNN 
 +++ The Guardian 
 +++ Le Figaro 
 +++ BBC 
 +++ Facebook 
 +++ NZZ 
 +++ Les Echos 
 +++ Die Presse 
Who we are
We are a team of media and brand specialists. For our clients, we match the skills of linguists, developers, and editors and work together to come up with the soundest solution.
Nik Stucky
Managing Partner(Analytics, Communications and Key Accounts)
Myriam Baechler
Managing Partner (Media Monitoring and Key-Accounts)
Patrick Schürmann
Managing Partner (Product Development and Project Management)
Thomas Wegmüller
Managing Partner (Technology and Development)
Sinziana Boriceanu
Partner Adwired SRL (Editorial Management and Project Management)
Ana Bertea-Lazar
Lead Editor
Simona Spineanu
Lead Editor
Anca Pascu
Lead Editor
Adriana Junger
Lead Editor
Our clients
Our clients are decision-makers of international companies who want to ensure better control of their brand and their corporate communications in a complex organizational structure.
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