Our solutions are tailored to our partners’ areas of responsibility, which we support individually with the entire bandwidth of our possibilities.

Our clients’ tasks are at the center of our solutions. We support these tasks and roles with customized solutions, which can include both media monitoring and data-analytical elements. The added value of our approach lies in the individual combination, the flexible selection of data sources, and the client-specific design of the dashboards. We advise our clients and integrate our experience as communications professionals into the solutions.

Our solutions for:

Marketing and brand management
For those in charge of brand management and marketing, we build customized solutions for day-to-day monitoring and analysis of their communications success. In cooperation with our clients, we develop dashboards to track their image, the core values and the core messages of their brand, as well as solutions that help the company develop its self-image and core values from the start. Moreover, we can constantly and automatically calculate the financial value of the brand. Our clients especially value our user-friendly platforms and easy-to-understand graphics, which can be used to achieve a broad internal user base.

Relevant applications:

  • analyze the perception of the brand in detail
  • understand market dynamics
  • establish the relationship between reputation and financial success
  • pursue brand-strategic objectives
  • analyze and develop the brand’s strength

Issue management
It is the difficult task of crisis management to separate relevant from irrelevant information. At present, it is simply the ‘buzz’, i.e. the ‘loudness, of the stated opinion that is measured. At Adwired, we believe that recognizing whether the discussion within a topic calls into question the core values of a company is more decisive. Adwired disposes of a range of tools to connect the thematic development with that of the core values. Clearly arranged dashboards, understandable statistics, and access to full texts help to understand the dynamics of the issues.

Relevant applications:

  • analyze brand perception in interaction with thematic development
  • continuously track critical issues
  • analyze competitors’ behavior related to the issues
  • keep an eye on the involvement of CEOs and other exponents in individual issues
  • evaluate reputational and brand risks

Corporate communications
Which of the topics picked up by the media are really relevant? Where are conflicts emerging? How do competitors react? To remain effective, considering the flood of news, it is crucial to quickly and reliably recognize the relevant developments in terms of positioning, brand, and issues. Together with our clients, we develop customized solutions that help those responsible for communications to understand the dynamics of the opinion markets at a glance. Clearly arranged dashboards, understandable analyses, and access to the relevant news streams connect all the information to create an overall picture. Always up-to-date, available at the touch of a button, and sorted with a neutral perspective.

Relevant applications:

  • analyze image and brand perception in detail
  • continuously track critical issues
  • evaluate competitor comparisons in terms of issues, reputation, or core values at the touch of a button
  • keep an eye on statements by CEOs and other exponents in the public opinion
  • measure and track the success of campaigns
  • monitor sponsoring activities

With the progressing intertwining of companies with their suppliers and partners, dependencies and risks are also increasing. Adwired offers specialized solutions for procurement/purchasing that search the media for potentially damaging developments. This process reveals whether any suppliers or partner companies are involved in compliance-related or legal issues or issues that may be detrimental to image, or whether they are faced with other problems. Clearly arranged dashboards, accurate reports, and if necessary, access to full-text information provide procurement/purchasing with important tools to continuously and securely monitor even large numbers of suppliers and partner companies in the public and published opinion.

Relevant applications:

  • alerting and reporting on critical suppliers and partners
  • monitoring of reputation, issues, and compliance
  • clearly arranged dashboard and analytical evaluation
  • push alerts
  • evaluation of all competitors

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