Adwired offers tailor-made solutions for the reliable monitoring of companies, brands and people.

For our clients, we extract the relevant information from the international print media, online sources, and social media and prepare it in such a way that it can be operationalized throughout the company.

To this end, we apply a unique combination of big data processing and editorial services. The monitoring solutions provide detailed statistical information and automated analyses, as well as insight into the client-relevant topics of the individual media contributions.

Our services are divided into two core disciplines: while our media monitoring reveals how the current media discourse develops (focused on topics), TheBrandTicker evaluates the reputation of the brand and the company. This combination reveals how and why the reputation of brands, companies, and their service providers changes. Communications managers are thus given a valuable tool to better control their actions and to more effectively use their funds.

Our clients are decision-makers of international corporations or organizations in the areas of corporate communications, marketing, and brand management.