Every day, Adwired gets to the heart of the opinions expressed in the media for its clients.

We get to the heart of the opinions expressed in daily press reviews, ad hoc reports on special issues, or in-depth media research, for example. Software-based pre-filtering and editorial processing combine the advantages of high data volumes (big data) and qualitative focus (editorial team). With flexible interfaces to all relevant data providers, we are not restricted to what is technically feasible, but focus on what can generate insightful results for our clients.

Our applications for media monitoring:

Track sponsors and sponsoring
Media-monitoring solutions offered by Adwired provide specialized dashboards for controlling the effectiveness of sponsorship activities and the tracking of sponsoring partners. For example, the effects of your sponsoring on a target group and whether sponsoring partners are involved in critical discussions can be measured at the touch of a button.
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Track critical issues
Early detection and reliable tracking of critical issues are prerequisites for professional issue management. Media monitoring by Adwired systematically and continuously analyzes the development of topics in media, web content, and social media.
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Monitor competitors
The knowledge of how your competitors move in the market provides valuable information about your own positioning. Adwired’s media monitoring systematically and continuously analyzes how much of the market talk is absorbed by competitors, how they market themselves, what target groups and sources they cultivate, and in which critical issues they are involved.

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Monitor CEOs and other exponents
Monitoring exponents from your own company provides valuable insight into how companies position themselves and develop. Adwired systematically monitors how strongly exponents dominate the discussion, how they position and represent themselves and their companies, and in which subjects they are involved.
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Track marketing campaigns
Checking the effectiveness of campaigns is the prerequisite for a timely adjustment of communications measures. Adwired provides valuable insight into how campaigns evolve, how they are evaluated by the target audience, and how they affect image.
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