Integrated media monitoring services for internationally active companies and organizations

Adwired offers a complete range of media monitoring services. We work independently of providers and compile media samples to exactly match our clients’ wishes. To this end, we integrate global data providers (e.g. Factiva, Meltwater, etc.) as well as individual publications and the client’s own sources.

Adwired’s set editorial teams compile and curate highly relevant press reviews and reports; write concise summaries; translate articles; and refine individual contributions through indexing and coding as well as classification by relevance and tonality.

With Adwired, you do exactly as much with your news management as you wish – we’ll take care of everything else.

Data sources and data integration
Defining the media sample and the search areas form the basis for effective and efficient monitoring. It is effective because it ensures no important sources are missing, be it from large data providers, a national provider, specialist publications you subscribe to, or your own publications. It is efficient because it avoids unwanted overlaps or references to unsuitable data.
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Editorial services
Set editorial teams enhance the news contributions with additional information – always exactly according to the client’s requirements.
For example, contributions can be assigned to pre-defined topics or categories, classified according to level of relevance, or categorized by tonality. In the case of foreign-language articles, highly condensed abstracts are written in the source or target language or entire texts are translated.
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Adwired news tools
Adwired’s web-based news tools provide you with access to your individual news database. The news cockpit is the platform used to manage and publish your news products. The news room is the platform for use by news recipients to read and personalize press reviews.
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