With the analytical ”tool-kit" TheBrandTicker, we daily measure what counts for companies und brands.

In contrast to media monitoring, which directly reflects context, our product TheBrandTicker offers customized monitoring solutions, which statistically analyze statements about brands and companies in the public media based on high data volumes (big data). The results are combined with the company’s own data streams (e.g. financial data). As a result, operationally valuable and highly individual findings are gained.

Our applications for Brand analysis:

Assess the reputation and brand risks
Not all crises have a lasting impact on reputation. We consider reputation holistically and measure not only the frequency of expressed negative perceptions, but also their relevance for the brand.

Analyze the perception of the brand in detail
To analyze the brand’s core values and core messages means to capture the subtle nuances of the spoken utterances – in all languages. The quality of Adwired’s analyses is unique because we integrate brain power and technology to combine the best of both worlds.

Understand market dynamics
You have to know an industry’s ‘white spots’ to differentiate yourself in your positioning. We create charts of specifically defined perceptual dimensions and thus show the areas in the industry that are still laying idle and whether a brand can credibly occupy these.

Establish the connection between reputation and financial success
Brand value is an indicative value that directly correlates the value of the company and brand perception (calculated based on daily statements in the media) and that shows the financial significance of a positive image. By combining completely different data sources, Adwired creates valuable insights for the brand’s owner.
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Pursue brand-strategic objectives
We advise you in the analysis and monitoring of your brand’s core values and create solutions that are understandable, operational, and easy to communicate. This lays the groundwork for staff commitment to common brand objectives.
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Analyze and develop the brand’s strength
Analyses are of operational value if they are based on concrete measures. Detailed monitoring of the discussion in the media provides communications professionals with a clear sense of how the strength of their brand can be efficiently developed.
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